Polish level test

After taking a free Polish test, you can immediately find out your level of language proficiency with great accuracy. Now it’s not even necessary to go somewhere or go: it’s enough to use the online test on our website.

Your advantages from passing the test:

  • A convenient format for assessing language proficiency: anonymously, without registration, without SMS, without payment.
  • There is no need to pay a tutor for a separate lesson for testing.
  • Saving time and effort. You can immediately enroll in a group with students of the same level of knowledge.

The online test is developed on the basis of the Common European System of Foreign Language Proficiency Levels CEFR. Different levels of language proficiency imply different levels of test complexity.

?A1. Initial basic Polish (początkujący)

  • A1 — basic level of grammar and word knowledge. If you pass such a test, then you will be able to introduce yourself, name the day of the week, formulate a few questions when you arrive in Poland. You can even answer questions yourself and have a simple conversation. But only on condition that the interlocutor speaks clearly, pausing between words.
  • A2 — knowledge of the basics of everyday speech. This level confirms that you are proficient in simple speech turns, can communicate on common, everyday topics. A2 level is quite enough, for example, to talk about your studies and work, about your hobbies and family — in a word, to support a conversation.

Stage A is the basis that students usually master before going to Poland. After all, this is a level that corresponds to the ability to conduct a simple conversation and resolve most of the situations that arise along the way. But to stop at the basic level, of course, is not worth it.

Start testing for the Podstawowy level (A1, A2)

? B1. Average, threshold Polish (średnio zaawansowany, progowy)

Step A is followed by step B. And its development gives the student much more opportunities, for example, to talk freely with a native speaker, read Polish fluently and independently conduct simple correspondence. An online test, which can be taken at any time, also helps to assess your language proficiency at levels B1–B2.

  • B1 — good, confident level of knowledge. A student who successfully passes such a test confirms that he is able to understand the speech of a native speaker and parse most of the words outside of highly specialized topics. If you have mastered level B1, then you can already conduct a conversation or correspondence. Although, perhaps at some point you will pause to remember or find the right word.
  • B2 — the level of language proficiency that confirms the willingness of a foreigner to establish contact with others upon arrival in Favor. If you have passed the B2 level test, then you will be able to talk freely with a native speaker, write almost without errors and without delay. To compose messages, phrases or simple tests, you do not need separate training. A trip to Poland will not cause you a feeling of confusion, will not create unnecessary difficulties.

Start testing for the Progowy (B1) level

Armed with the results obtained, you can detail them at a free interview with a Polish language teacher. You will get acquainted, ask questions about training, decide on the format of training (offline or online Polish), the teacher will select a group for you based on your capabilities and wishes. Of course, there will be students with the same level of language knowledge as you. This means that during classes everyone will be on equal terms — no one will feel “backward” or bored because of an excessively simple program.


The PolskiPapa school provides an opportunity to master the Polish language on attractive terms, under the guidance of practical teachers. In the shortest possible time, you will discover the way to the heights of Polish language proficiency.

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