Have you already started learning Polish, but you don’t have enough communication in the courses? Do you want to learn a language by immersing yourself in a language environment? Did you like the culture and the country? Do you want to move? If you have given a positive answer to at least one question, then the Polish language school PolskiPapa will help you get closer to your goal. Specialists with many years of experience will help you choose the perfect language course in Poland. PolskiPapa works directly with Polish language schools and universities in several Polish cities. This means that you have a choice where to spend your time: in the capital or in a quiet town, by the sea or in the mountains. You can also choose the appropriate course and duration.

First of all, you need to decide for what purpose you need to learn Polish:

  • For myself;
  • For work;
  • For admission to the university;
  • To get a pole card.

The next step is to know for what period you want to go to Poland to study Polish, because it depends on the type of visa that you need to open for a Polish language course for adults in Poland. Most adult students who go to Polish language courses in Poland want to immerse themselves in the language environment and spend their holidays as productively as possible, so the minimum duration that PolskiPapa students most often choose is 2 weeks. The maximum duration is not limited, but usually these are annual Polish language courses in Poland for further successful admission to Polish universities.

The duration of Polish language courses for adults in Poland is from 1 week to a year.

Most language schools in Poland, which offer a Polish language course for adults, also organize accommodation for their students. Thus, you will not need to worry about the place of stay additionally, and you will be able to book everything at once. The standard program for adults does not include an excursion program and accommodation, but it can also be booked additionally in advance or on the spot.

Why should you contact the specialists of the international department of PolskiPapa?

Our specialists have many years of experience working with language schools and universities in Poland, so they will help you:

  • Choose the right course based on your goals;
  • Choose accommodation;
  • Organize leisure time during your stay in Poland;
  • Open a visa to Poland;
  • Organize a route;
  • Answer questions during your stay in Poland;
  • To give advice on successful admission to universities in Poland.

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Age: +18

Adress: ul.Bukowińska 10/ lok 77,76, Warszawa, 02-703

The school is located in a quiet picturesque area of Warsaw near the metro station a few minutes from the city center. Students come from all over the world, as ALZAHRANI provides an opportunity to study various languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, etc.) and offers courses of varying intensity. A diverse cultural program is also organized. The school employs experienced teachers, in addition, there is an online learning platform where students can access additional materials, contact teachers and administration. The minimum duration of the courses is 3 weeks.

Features: the central location of the school; a large selection of languages.


  • General language course – 20 ur/week. The maximum number of people in a group is 10. Level: from Beginner to Advanced.
  • Intensive language course – 30 ur/week. Students study according to the same program as in the general course + 10 classes are added in a mini-group of 4 people.
  • Intensive course 5 Plus – 25 ur/week. Students study according to the same program as in the general course + 5 classes on topics interesting to the student (Business language, exam preparation, etc.)
  • Intensive course of 10 Plus – 30 ur/week. Students study according to the same program as in the general course of the course + 10 classes on topics interesting to the student.



  • Shared apartments – 1-2 bed accommodation;
  • One-room apartment (Studio) with a bathroom and a small kitchen.


  • selected accommodation;
  • curriculum (1 ur=50 min, up to 15 people per class);
  • test on arrival;
  • certificate at the end of the course;
  • visa support;
  • round-the-clock student assistance and support service;
  • Wi-Fi at school.


  • school registration fee;
  • visa processing, including consular fee;
  • air ticket
  • medical insurance
  • company services with assistance in visa processing;
  • company services without assistance in visa processing;
  • transfer.


Age: +16

Address: Mikhalovsky str. 2/3, 31-126, Krakow, Poland.

Varia School is a three-time winner of the Cracow Life Award for high quality courses, and the winner of the prestigious Sonntag Aktuell Award for an innovative approach to education and tourism. Many articles have been written about the school and many television programs have been filmed.

The INTENSIVE POLISH LANGUAGE COURSE is ideal for those who want to start learning Polish, restore forgotten skills, strengthen conversational skills, expand their vocabulary or improve their grammar knowledge. Daily classes allow you to actively interact with the language, and the repetition system contributes to the rapid assimilation of the material. Moreover, a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the classroom contributes to the rapid overcoming of the language barrier. Students as “free listeners” have the opportunity to attend classes of other groups with a similar level of training. Those students who feel more motivated to work can count on additional homework. Some of the Polish language classes take place outside of school (in museums, restaurants or on the main market square). Thanks to the active forms of learning the Polish language, you will be able to master new words in everyday situations and learn more about the culture of Poland and the unique places of the city. Once a week after the main classes, the school organizes language seminars on significant and interesting aspects of the Polish language. In addition, the intensive course at the VARIA School in Krakow includes a cultural program that includes a welcome party, city tours, thematic lectures and seminars, “cultural variations” (cooking classes, entertainment and games in Polish, learning Polish songs). At the end of the course, students are tested and receive a certificate.

Duration: at least 1 week.

SCHEDULE: 20 classes per week. The number of hours per day depends on the size of the group (more than 4 students in a group -4 lessons per week, from 2 to 4 students in a group – 3 lessons per week).

GROUPS: on average, 6-8 people.

Level: All levels.


  • With my family;
  • Student apartment;
  • Rented apartment: one and two-bedroom apartments conveniently located near the school and the city center;
  • Hotel Room: with all-inclusive service and in a good area.


  • Selected training;
  • Selected accommodation;
  • Educational materials;
  • Qualification test (for students studying Polish earlier);
  • Final test;
  • Certificate of completion of the course, assessment of students’ knowledge;
  • 2 seminars on the Polish language;
  • Cultural program.


  • Every next course with accommodation and cultural program;
  • Single room (supplement to the price of a 2-week course with accommodation);
  • Separate one-bedroom apartment;
  • Cultural program for accompanying persons.

You can book an educational program using the BookYourStudy online service.

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